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Guido Jansen

Cognitive Psychologist UserLegion

After his study in psychology and usability, Guido became community manager for Magento, started the Dutch Magento community site ( and organized several Meet Magento events in The Netherlands. He is often asked to speak at many events about Persuasion, Usability, E-commerce and Magento. He works as Online Optimization Manager at Euroflorist, making people happy, noticed and remembered by sending flowers worldwide. Guido also runs his own remote user testing startup at


  • Meet Magento 2015
  • 14:30 — August 22, 2015

    Business Room

    This session will start out by giving you a theoretical/scientific understanding of how our brain works and how site visitors can be influenced. After that, Guido will give you many tips, tricks and real-life cases that you can directly apply on your own e-commerce site. In the last chapter of the presentation Guido will offer you a quick glance into the future of how behavioral targeting will develop in online platforms. game slot game slot online Megasloto gameslot Slot77
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