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Trung Ngo

Founder & CEO TruePlus

As the Founder and CEO of Trueplus, from 2009 till now, Trung Ngo has invested his time and passion for the growing e-commerce not only in Vietnam but also worldwide. During 6 years, he has led and ignited 3 biggest projects of the company: (Top 3 Magento Marketing Extension provider in the world with 6 year experience in the market); (The fastest growing online shop for man’s shoes in Vietnam) and (The leading solution for Magento mobile app which has won the chance to join MyMagic program of Malaysia Government).

The utmost dream of Trung Ngo is to build the perfect ecosystem for e-commerce where merchants can find all their wanted services: from building website, mobile app, inventory system to providing other marketing tools to grow their businesses. Not only is he a dedicated CEO but he also gives efforts to the community such as holding seminars for the youth, opening internship program to welcome students or fresh graduated ones to join the company and pursue their dreams with us.


  • Meet Magento 2015
  • 16:30 — August 22, 2015

    Business Room

    Most updated with the report for Q1 2015, this topic will take you deeply to the mobile commerce context where you can find how all the players are taking part in the "game" including customers, merchants and providers. How many ways to mobilize your Magento? And among them, which is the best solution fitting your business? You will know the answer by participating this session. And you will also get inspired by the successful story of a leading fashion house in the UK. game slot game slot online Megasloto gameslot Slot77
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